Getting here


Opposite the church

If you travel from Simirishamn, just after the entrance to Rörum, there is a yellow sign on the right hand sign showing the directions towards Knäbäckshusen. If you on the other hand travel from Kivik you'll find Rörums church on the right hand side, and the sign towards Knäbäckshusen shortly after on the left side. Follow the road sign to the left over a small hill and down towards a pond. After the pond you take a sharp turn to the right. Thereafter you go straight until you reach Knäbäckshusen. (you can't miss it)

by car

The easiest way to get here is of course by car. The problem may be to find a parking place; there is a parking lot just before the village and also along one side of the village. On a warm summer day, however, especially if the wind is blowing in the right direction, from the east (making the surface water warm) you might have to get here early to find parking for your car.

The best way to Knäbäckshusen is via Simirishamn or Kivik. If you travel from Malmö/Lund, however, there is a shortcut which is both a bit quicker and especially more scenic. Just after Sjöbo you get to a 4-way crossing called Anklam. Here you take a left and follow the signs towards Vanstad, Åsperöd and Skåne Tranås (in order of appearance). Well at Skåne Tranås you take a left and drive north for a while, towards Kristianstad. Just after a few kilometers, however, at Fågeltofta, you drive towards S:t Olof. On this road you go by the Kronovall castle (where Åkesson is haunting), you drive through a majestic beech forest and pass by S:t Olof’s church. You continue straight and after another few kilometers you reach the coastal road between Kivik and Simirisham - just to gthe north of the exit to Knäbäckshusen. Thus, take a right and follow the directions as are described above - as if you were travelling from Kivik.

take the bus

If you decide to leave the car at home, you’ll find out that public transportation works just great in Sweden! The commuter train from Malmö to Simirishamn is one alternative - and another is via bus from Lund. In Simirishamn you can take the bus towards Kristianstad and exit at Rörum. The bus stop is just at the Knäbäckshusen road sign, and from there you could either walk the 2 km stretch or perhaps hitchhike with a friendly driver.

or why not the bike

If you travel from Simirishamn there are special bike routes almost all the way to Knäbäckshusen. A short cut is possible when you reach the golf club in Lilla Vik. Just after the golf course, you take a right towards Orelund. Don’t go all the way to Orelund however; continue instead down a hill and after a while you’ll get to the Knäbäckshusen road.

If you however travel from Kivik then you have to follow the main road almost all the way. You could actually exit the main road and go via Svineberga, but you will need to go back to the main road anyway after a while. After the exit towards S:t Olof you could bike through Rörum and at the church exit towards the main road. At this stage the Knäbäckshusen exit is just 50 meters away.